Pelleo’s story is one of a dedicated mom who, with a dyslexic son, could not find the right educational environment in Georgia for her child to succeed. After searching for a school that could address her son’s learning challenge, she and her husband made the hard choice to send their 6th-grade son overseas to get the education he needed.

Pelleo has been advocating for her son since pre-school fighting hard to have her voice heard. Wanting to improve her skills as an advocate for her son, Pelleo joined efforts with GeorgiaCAN in 2017. She says the partnership has been life-changing.

“Parents are the change and without our involvement everything stays the same,” says Pelleo.

Although Pelleo says she was actively involved in advocating around her son’s education it wasn’t until she joined GeorgiaCAN’s EPIC (Empowered Parents Invested In Change) training program that she was able to see beyond the walls of the classroom and realize she needed to be heard not only at the local level but at the school board and legislative level as well. Pelleo continues, “Before EPIC, I didn’t know you could go to an APS board meeting; that was eye-opening. GeorgiaCAN teaches parents how to see the bigger picture and provides the resources they need – even things like simple emails where you just have to fill in your information. Those things help a busy parent.”

Pelleo is not alone in her efforts and determination. Parents across the state have joined GeorgiaCAN’s EPIC program to learn the skills to make the system better. GeorgiaCAN works with parents like Pelleo from a grassroot to a grasstops level to ensure their voices are heard on topics ranging from pandemic learning loss to special needs scholarships, all along equipping them with the knowledge needed to set their children up for lifelong success.

GeorgiaCAN’s EPIC program is offered at no charge to parents and, like all of GeorgiaCAN’s work, is fully funded through donations.

Will you consider making a donation today to support parents like Pelleo who are fighting for quality education for their children? Any amount is appreciated and will make a difference not only for today’s children but for future generations.

Steven is the state outreach manager for GeorgiaCAN. Besides working hard for Georgia’s kids, he enjoys checking out local record shops, gardening and trying out new recipes.


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