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Fighting for her son’s education

When Patricia’s second grade son was diagnosed with a learning disability, she knew that he needed specialized schooling to set him on a successful path. With an IEP in place, she applied for the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship and received notice of acceptance. As the scholarship was based on the level of service he needed, it was significant. Working with the private school that could serve her son’s needs, they came up with a tuition package that was workable with the scholarship. That’s when things took an unexpected turn.

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A closer look at district ARP spending plans

The American Rescue Plan brought over $190 billion federal stimulus dollars to districts across the country with $4.9 billion already available in Georgia and more coming soon. These dollars are earmarked to be spent on recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and will be a critical resource for Georgia’s students as they rebound from an unprecedented 18 months of disruption and the learning loss that accompanied it.