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Let’s Learn About Excelsior Village Academies

GeorgiaCAN is excited about a potential charter hoping to open in 2024. Below you will find information on the proposed model and where they plan to locate.

Please note GeorgiaCAN is helping to expand awareness of these potential schools. GeorgiaCAN is not funding or a part of the creation process of these options. 

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Savannah parents, we have a problem!

Last month, the Georgia Department of Education released the 2022 Milestone scores. This is the first time we’ve received a clear data point for our students in two years. More than half of Savannah-Chatham County Public School System’s 3rd graders are not reading at or above grade level according to the 2022 assessment. A striking 30% of 9th graders had to be held back. This is difficult to hear as a parent of two young children in the district.