We need to move our kids and our schools into the future. It’s not a choice—it’s a must.

Atlanta schools are making progress, and it’s because the district is willing to change. It’s willing to move bureaucracy out of the way so decisions are made on behalf of kids—not adults.


  • We’re embracing new school options and allowing parents to find the school that best meets the needs of their unique child.
  • We’re giving teachers the flexibility to empower and engage students.
  • We’re helping our kids learn in more creative ways.

This is a great start. But it’s just that. We cannot lose momentum with so much at stake.

That’s why GeorgiaCAN is proud to announce a new advertising campaign today, designed to keep The Peach State focused on what matters most. You’ll see the ads in many different places—television, radio and digital publications—but the simple, clear message will remain the same: we need to put the interest of kids before the bureaucracy. 

This is an exciting new time in Atlanta schools, and we need you to get involved in the effort. We hope you’ll share this ad with your friends and networks, post on social media, and sign up to learn more about how you can get involved in the campaign. You can do that by clicking here: GeorgiaKidsFirst.org.

Thanks for all you do to help move our city—and our school system—forward.

Michael O’Sullivan is the executive director of GeorgiaCAN.


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