There is a special election for APS District 2 on September 17th. Here’s everything you need to know!

Where’s district 2:

Find out if you’re in district two by checking your voter registration. District 2 is made up of Atlanta City Council District 3 and 4.


Here’s a fact sheet from on District 2.

Who is running?

Do you know who’s on the ballot? Here’s the list:

Aretta Baldon

Christopher Brown

Keisha Carey

Will Chandler

Nathaniel Borrell Dyer

Davida Huntley 

Ed Johnson 

Chadd Jonesmith

Paula Kupersmith

Do your research

You still have time to research the candidates on the ballot. We know you’re passionate about education in Georgia. If you’re interested in knowing more where the candidates stand on education issues, check out this questionnaire from our friends at GCSA. 

Know your polling location

Before you vote double check your polling location through GeorgiaCAN’s Civic Center. Remember polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm. If you’re in line when the polls close stay in line. Make sure to bring your photo I.D.

Make a plan to vote

Think about when you’re going to vote! Ask yourself these important questions:

Are you going before work? During lunch? After work? How are you going to get there? Are you driving? Taking public transit?  Maybe walking or biking? Are you bring a friend?

A plan ensures you will actually vote.

For example, here’s my plan: 

I’m voting on Election Day. I’m going at 7 am before work. I’m riding with my roommate to our polling location near Atlantic Station. I know the candidate I’m voting for. I’m bringing my photo I.D. which is required by state law. 

Now you’re ready to vote!

After you vote here are a couple of things to do:

  • Make sure to share this blog with your friends. Special elections, such as this one, usually have small turnouts 
  • Check out who won. You can keep track of the results starting at 7pm here.
  • Stay engaged. Sign up to join GeorgiaCAN’s Alerts.
  • Mark your calendar for a runoff.

We hope these tips help you prepare for election day! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to


Steven is the state outreach manager for GeorgiaCAN. Besides working hard for Georgia’s kids, he enjoys checking out local record shops, gardening and trying out new recipes.


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