GeorgiaCAN is excited about a potential charter hoping to open in 2024. Below you will find information on the proposed model and where they plan to locate.

Please note GeorgiaCAN is helping to expand awareness of these potential schools. GeorgiaCAN is not funding or a part of the creation process of these options. 

Excelsior Village Academies

Are you passionate about innovation and local education? Excelsior Village Academies is the place for you. EVA is a proposed free public K-8th grade community co-designed charter school offering a rigorous academic program in a community-centered learning environment. Students will develop the skills needed to thrive in college and careers. We are committed to service, impact, and equity in education. Excelsior Village Academies is planning to open in the Clayton and Henry County area. 

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Steven is the state outreach manager for GeorgiaCAN. Besides working hard for Georgia’s kids, he enjoys checking out local record shops, gardening and trying out new recipes.


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