Basic Information

  1. Candidate
  2. District
  3. Why have you decided to run for Board of Education?
  4. What in your background makes you qualified to serve on the school board?
  5. What is your vision for the district?
  6. What are three top priorities you hope to achieve if elected?


  1. How would you rate the overall district performance of APS?
  2. Over the past few years have schools in Atlanta been moving in the right or wrong direction?
  3. How would you rate Atlanta Public Superintendent Carstarphen’s job performance?
  4. Do you believe in the vision of current district leadership or do you want the system to go in a different direction?
  5. Do you agree with this statement: “I believe that APS urgently needs more reforms and new ideas”
  6. What are the greatest issues or problems facing APS an dhow would you work to solve them?


  1. District spending: One of the most important jobs of a school board member is the adoption of the budget. Atlanta’s FY 17 operating budget allocated $745.3 million in spending. This is roughly $14,600 per student and the second highest per pupil of any school district in the state.
    1. For which programs, if any, would you seek an increase in funding?
    2. For which programs, if any, would you seek a decrease in funding?
  2. School turnaround: In 2015 the Atlanta Board of Education approved a plan aimed at turning around some of the city’s lowest performing schools.
    1. Do you support the turnaround plan? Why?
    2. Are there any aspects of the plan you oppose?
    3. Do you support the continuation of this plan?
  3. Charter schools: Generally, would you say that you are a supporter of charter schools?
  4. Charter schools: Of the 51,000 enrolled in public schools in Atlanta, nearly 9,000 of them attend one of the districts 15 public charter schools. However, these schools also have a combined waiting list of more than 10,000 students who wish to attend them.
    1. What role should charter schools serve in Atlanta?
    2. Do you support further expansion of charter schools in Atlanta?
  5. School leadership: What plan, if any, do you have to develop a pipeline of quality school leaders?
  6. Teacher quality: What plan, if any, do you have to increase teacher quality in APS?
  7. Early education: What plan, if any, do you have to increase access to and the quality of early education programs in Atlanta?


  1. What will you do to increase community and parent involvement in schools?
  2. When you are working to make a decision as a school board member, what methods will you employ to engage community partners and groups?
  3. In what ways, if any, would you seek to drive decision making and autonomy to the school level?


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